Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my printed ticket, can I still get in?

We keep a list of all ticket holders. If you lost your ticket, make sure you have your I.D. on hand and we can check it against the ticket holder list.


Is Photography/Video allowed?

Unless we get specific instructions from our performers or the venue that states otherwise, generally photography and recording of short video clips is allowed. However, the policy of the Venue and Performers supersede our policy, so this may not always be the case. It’s best to check first. If you wish to record the entire concert, you will need to arrange this with the Performer/Staff beforehand.


I am a local Dark Alternative musician and would like to open for a show.

Send your Electronic Press Kit to asdsadsads. We are always looking for local openers for incoming tours. We will match bands with the touring acts that best mesh with them. Even if you don’t get the slot, and we like what we hear; we will put you in the “opener pool” to be selected for a later show.


How do I get a Press Pass to an Event?

We generally have one to two press slots available per event. They are first come first serve; and veteran photographers with portfolios or media contacts will receive preference. Only individuals arriving with proper photography equipment will be given press passes. (I.E. Professional Camera Equipment, Lenses, Flashes, etc). Smartphones are proper NOT photography equipment. Sorry, not sorry.


What is your guest list policy?

Guest list requests must be approved by Staff and Performers prior to doors (or your arrival). Knowing the performers does not get you free or backstage access. If you aren’t on the list, you will be asked to buy a door ticket, or be turned away. So no showing up at the event and saying; “I’m with the band.” We aren’t buying it, champ.


I’m a huge fan of the band, can I go backstage and say hi?

Backstage is for the rest and relaxation of the Performers. Touring takes a lot out of them; and the ability to unwind after the stress of load in/setup before taking the stage is a luxury many musicians look forward to on tour.

Many of our performers will either have VIP tickets available for purchase, or mingle at the bar with concert goers during the course of the evening, so that’s your best chance to meet them. However, if you are not specifically invited backstage by a performer, you will be asked to leave the backstage area.


I’m not on the guest list, and don’t have a ticket, can I just check out the show for 5 minutes?

No… Buy a ticket or go away.


I’m under the age limit for the show, can I still get in?

Due to the difference in security for ALL AGES/18+/21+ shows that the venue is legally required to provide, no one under the age limit will be permitted to enter the premises. Sorry, gotta cover our asses.