Hocico | Finite Automata | Recon

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Hocico | Finite Automata | Recon

@The Drunken Unicorn (website)

WedMay 15, 20199PM

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Legendary terror EBM and electro-industrial duo Hocico returns to Atlanta, May 15, 2019! Don't miss it!


"Hocico is our way of living and of thinking, it is the way in which we see the behavior of the world, and how hope, deception and hate maintain a constant fight inside the human conscience."

Still going strong after two hot-blooded decades on Out Of Line Music, the Mexican hard electro pioneers, Hocico, are returning to Atlanta! There are few groups that can claim to have played a major role in shaping an entire genre, but Erk Aicrag and Racso Agroyam, did just that. The duo not only put Mexico on the map for an entire scene, but also managed to become a game changer for the dark side of electronic music with a new blend of hard beats, unbridled anger, aggressive shouts and creative sonic wizardry.

Prior to forming Hocico, Racso and Erk along with some friends, were exper- imenting with a project called Ninera Degenerada in 1989. The act, immature at best, utilized portasound keyboards, homemade distortion, tape samplers, and homemade instruments. In 1992, Rasco and Erk left the project and began forming the concept that was to become Hocico (originally called Hocico de Perro).
A band that has not bowed to anyone for 2 decades, Hocico still sticks an angry fist in the face of global and human evils with stompable beat that still delight rivetheads across the world.



Finite Automata began as a solo project in the summer of 2006 by front-man Mod Eschar (Dom Price). In 2007 Eschar was joined by founding member c. Grendel (Christopher Stanley); inspired by the groundbreaking works of Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly and other electronic acts such as Severed Heads and Project Pitchfork, the duo began to churn out a sonic onslaught of haunting melodies and demented mentally vexing vocals. They were joined later that same year by multi-instrumentalist Mat Syn (Mat Porter). The group has had a few lineup changes over the years, with Eschar remaining at the project’s creative core. The group began to become recognized nationally over time after touring extensively with notable acts such as God Module and Dismantled. Over the course of their career, they have also shared the stage on multiple occasions with Combichrist, Genitorterers, and 3Teeth. The group is currently based out of Atlanta, GA and consists of Eschar (vocals/live sampling/percussion), Scott Storey (keys), and Timothy Miller (guitars). Over the years, Eschar has broadened his artistic palette, and Finite Automata is currently working on a new release that promises to take the band in new creative directions.



North American Rhythmic Power Noise is alive and well, one needs to look no further than Atlanta's RECON as living proof. RECON focuses on destructive distorted beats layered with industrial noise soundscapes textured with nightmarish dark ambient and a splash of glitched retro game sounds.  Brutal, powerful, relentless and deadly in its precision. This is not music for the faint of heart. RECON however, is an enigma all on its own having brilliantly constructed and destroyed and reconstructed the very best elements of what makes Rhythmic Noise so wonderfully compelling. Through the use of power noise, harsh rhythmic industrial and electronic experimentations, Stevin Kerpics' project, RECON maneuvers through these turbulent themes like a bulldozer through a concrete structure. Destroying, rebuilding and replacing with various thoughts of construct. Panic subdued by intricate percussion, anger quenched by brutalized beats.