Tour of Two Wolves: iVardensphere | Cyanotic | Cervello Electronico | Zy_Gote

Sedition Atlanta & Darker Side of Light Present

Tour of Two Wolves: iVardensphere | Cyanotic | Cervello Electronico | Zy_Gote

@Club Famous

ThuJul 07, 20168PM

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IVARDENSPHERE (Metropolis Records)
Take tribal drums, mix with pounding analogue synths and a killer club sound and what do you get? Welcome to iVardensphere. The new album, APOK, finds iVardensphere exploring different aspects of their sound, from dance floor stomping powernoise to more exotic flavors of tribal drumming blended with elements of trip-hop and a club-pleasing analog synth bumping EBM sound. The band's continuing growth and solid sounds caught the interest of industrial/electro powerhouse label Metropolis Records, who have now welcomed iVardensphere into the fold to help foster further expansion. iVardensphere's live set is a live tribal drum meets industrial onslaught.

CYANOTIC (Glitch Mode Recordings)
Chicago based Cyanotic heralds the return of aggressive electronic rock, melding elements of classic industrial dance, electro, drum ’n’ bass, rhytmic noise, IDM and metal to create a unique sonic assault. The summer of 2k5 saw the release of Cyanotic’s debut full length album. “Transhuman”, a 12 track electronic diatribe combining aggro punk attitude, machine driven beats, infectious synth rhythms, brutal guitars and layers of sonic experimentation, expertly mixed by Jason Novak of Acumen Nation / DJ? Acucrack and Chris Cozort of Iammynewt. Amongst all the shows, promotion and recording, the group have completed production work and remixes for bands including Pigface, Chemlab, 16 Volt, Acumen Nation, Rabbit Junk, See Colin Slash and many more.

"Electronic Brain" is the brainchild of Los Angeles based producer David Christian, who has made himself a name with numerous live shows in North America and Europe at important festivals like Schlagstrom (Berlin), Wave Gotik Treffen, Slimelight(UK), Planet Myer Day, and Storm Party(NL). The prolific musician has produced remixes for the likes of KMFDM, Leæther Strip, Wumpscut, and Terrorfakt on labels Industrial Strength, Metropolis, Dependent, and Alfa Matrix. There have also been well-received releases on HANDS Productions, Crunch Pod, and Rustblade.

ZY_GOTE (Crunch Pod Records)
Local industrial noise artist Stan Theman Pavlov has been an avid supporter of the Atlanta scene and a fixture at many local events. Having experimented with production and industrial noise for years under the name "The Sound of Paranoia", his new project fuses elements of industrial dance with tribal, noise, and a healthy dose of sampling.