Suicide Commando / Mode Phaser / Riot Age

Sedition Atlanta & Contribe Present

Suicide Commando / Mode Phaser / Riot Age

@529 Bar (website)

SatApr 01, 20239PM

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Suicide Commando. A name known far and wide in the world of Electronic Body Music. For a long time the project has brought it's own brand of electronic misanthropy to the ears of countless fans.

Belgian Johan van Roy has had one of the longest careers in electro-industrial music, rising from humble beginnings in the '80s EBM scene to become a figurehead of the genre. Part of the same movement that birthed Front 242, van Roy started Suicide Commando as a one-man band in 1986.

He has toured extensively throughout Europe, USA, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, and Finland. With an extensive back catalog and intense stage presence, in 2023, Van Roy still brings the same ferocity to the stage that he always has.
Characterized by his harsh style and pounding beats, Suicide Commando exemplifies the Terror EBM genre, and is to this day, a favorite staple of industrial dance floors the world over.


Mode Phaser is an Atlanta based Industrial/EBM/Drum & Bass/Dark Elektro side project by Matt Echo. He has worked with dark electronic musician Mari Kattman and recently appeared on stage with Aesthetic Perfection and Josie Pace.


Riot Age is an electronic music project based out of Atlanta, GA. Combining elements of dark electro, electro-industrial, and EBM, Riot Age takes elements of the human mind, political process, and humanity, channeling them into a unique sound. website: