Inva//id | Livernois | Floorless

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Inva//id | Livernois | Floorless

@Star Bar (website)

SunMay 19, 20247PM

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Started in late 2016 by Christopher Rivera after years of being in the Death Metal / deathcore scene in San Gabriel Valley California. Constantly trying to blend the raw aggression and passion of hardcore metal with the dark obscurity of classic 90's industrial legends who need to be remembered by the new generation. Inva//id is the product of raw emotion and resilience in the darkest parts of the mind.

Created from the lowest crippling moment that deppresion takes from us, the sense of feeling so helpless in your own body. Inva//id is Joined by: Christopher Rivera (Thrill Of The Hunt, Love On The Lips Of A Whore, The Hollowing, Coalition Of Hate), Krz Souls (Dawn Of Ashes, Bornless Fire, Carved Souls, Frontal Boundary) as standup percussions and programming Alex Von (Sin Defecto, Illicity) As lead guitar

Aaron Death (Deathstair, Bellaport, The Lemons, Evohe) On lead keys,sampling, and programing and Damion Blackwell Champ (Die Sektor, Twin Peaks, Dawn Of Ashes, Frontal Boundary) on secondary programming and sampling.


Through a driving mesh of chaos and order, Livernois brings a new approach to industrial, known but not quite seen before. Formed in New Orleans in 2022, the members of Livernois come from different backgrounds in music and performance, drawn together through a mutual love of horror, visuals, and out-of-the-norm sounds. Livernois’ stage performance brings a visceral and atmospheric experience, tearing straight to the darkest elements of the human condition.


FLOORLESS is an industrial/noise group from Atlanta GA. More info coming soon