Male Tears | More Is Not Enough | Teardux

Sedition Atlanta Presents

Male Tears | More Is Not Enough | Teardux

@Star Bar (website)

ThuOct 10, 20247PM

437 Moreland Ave NE,
Atlanta, GA 30307

Tickets: $12 ADV / $15 AT THE DOOR

This Event is 21+

About The Event


Male Tears was formed by American electro artist, James Edward in late 2019. Based in Los Angeles, Edward describes Male Tears as “the result of a goth’s love affair with 1980’s new wave” and a pop experiment flirting with themes of morbidity, sexuality and self-destruction.

Male Tears emphasizes the most glamourous yet gruesome aspects of the gamut of gothic subculture. Their primary inspirations include Soft Cell, Virgin Prunes, Depeche Mode, Dead or Alive, and VNV Nation; the track is right at home in the world of late-1980s goth clubs, strobe lights and bacchanalian delights included


More is Not Enough is a Darkwave project based out of Chattanooga TN. Blending a compelling and cinematic music imbued with the spirit of the 80s, weaving a melange of 80s synth, post-punk, coldwave, and heavy metal.


Hotter than Georgia asphalt: enigmatic Atlanta based dark synth-pop act Teardux is keeping their momentum forward while reclaiming the past. The duo, featuring Valerie Andra’s haunting vocals and Dylan Anderson’s masterful synthesis of beats and melodies, ignites the night with their captivating blend of sound. Andra’s ethereal voice cuts through the darkness, guiding listeners like a beacon, while Anderson’s mastery over the synths weaves a tapestry that is as electrifying as it is eerie. Their unique take on darkwave is reminiscent of iconic acts like Pet Shop Boys, Xymox, and Leathers, but with a distinct dance music edge that sets them apart in the underground music scene.